Welcome to the Green Oval

Welcome to the Green Oval, a traditional cosy country inn nestled in a small quiet valley amidst the picturesque Izera Mountains in Western Sudetes, close to where the borders of Poland, Germany and Czech Republic meet. 
Providing a perfect base for leisure seekers wishing to take a relaxing short break or holiday, the Green Oval Inn is situated in an area rich in historic sites, gold-bearing streams and agate-stone fields. Here you can unwind in the relaxing surroundings of the hotel and enjoy a wide variety of leisure pursuits. 
The Green Oval Inn is the perfect starting point from which you can explore the natural beauty of the mountains, the mysteries of Walloon settlers, visit old castles, places where uranium for the first Soviet atomic bomb was mined or, as many insist, treasures of the Third Reich rest hidden. It is also an attractive location for hiking, cycling, angling, bird and wild game watching and winter sports. Excellent ski slopes are available a short drive away.
The secluded valley is also a comfortable drive away from Berlin, Prague and Wroclaw which makes it a uniquely tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Green Oval Inn is operated by a wife-and-husband team of experienced extreme travellers who had roamed quite a few deserts in Africa in their beloved Land Rovers Discovery before they became infatuated with the cosy green valley of Ploczki Gorne village and decided to settle here. 
The Green Oval Inn offers accommodation in 5 individually furnished rooms with bathroom and shower. The 200-years-old sandstone building has been meticulously refurbished under the strict supervision of the State Monuments Conservator's Office. The result: a unique place where you are surrounded by centuries-old sandstone walls and larch-wood ceilings, not a common thing in a region which saw so many adversities in the past.



Our restaurant serves a delicious mix of traditional Polish cuisine, the former prepared by a local chef and the latter done by the owner himself. Wine lovers will enjoy a choice of good wines too.
For the more adventurous guests: own off-road hilly trail where you can practice your driving skills in one of our Land Rovers.
The water in our ecology-oriented Inn comes from own crystal clean well. We use solar energy to support our heating system and the waste is treated in own biological treatment plant.

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Daily price list *

type of room:

  • Double High Room - deluxe - 280 PLN/day
  • Double Master Room - superior – 300 PLN / day
  • extra bed: PLN 70 / day
  • breakfast - 48PLN/ person - rooms are rented as standard with breakfast,
  • tasty 3-course dinner with a delicious homemade dessert – 70 PLN/ person (advance booking of meals required)

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Gościniec Pod Zielonym Jajem
59600 Lwówek Śląski,
Płóczki Górne 102,
gosciniec@podzielonymjajem.pl, tel.: 00 48 607 200 200

Dla użytkowników GPSa:
deg° min' sec.dd" N51°05'15,56" E15°32'03,57"
deg° min.dddd ' N51°05,2593' E15°32,0594'
deg.dddddd° N51,087655° E15,534323°

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